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Become a Friend of The Pankhurst 

The Pankhurst Centre

By becoming a Friend of The Pankhurst, you will help to secure the future of 60 - 62 Nelson Street and ensure that the powerful story of the women who won the vote continues to inspire and empower generations to come. 

  • £10 will provide a vulnerable woman with emergency food and toiletry supplies 
  • £25 will enable a group of 10 children to take part in a craft workshop 
  • £50 will enable us to train a volunteer in Suffragette history 
  • £100 will contribute towards extending our museum opening hours 

You can become a Friend by donating at a level that suits you from as little as £12 a year, and we will use your gift wherever the need is greatest. In thanks for your support, you will become a member of The Pankhurst community and receive regular newsletters and invitations to special events.

Help to preserve the birthplace of the Suffragette movement

'The Pankhurst Centre stands at 60-62 Nelson Street as a permanent reminder of the Suffragette movement. It is where Emmeline Pankhurst and her family lived and formed the WSPU, the Women's Social and Political Union. It is a fitting place to remember and honour them, to continue to tell their story. Though the story of one family, my family, it is also the story of all women, of how hard the path to gender equality has been, and how much more there is still to do. I hope that you will support us and preserve the feminist heritage.'

- Dr Helen Pankhurst, Great-granddaughter of Emmeline Pankhurst

Join today

To join the Friends of the Pankhurst please download our membership form, or for more information contact our Fundraising and Development Team on 0161 273 5673 or

If you’d like to make a one off donation you can also donate via our Just Giving Page:

Our registered charity number is 1126433.

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