Remember you are not alone - domestic abuse can happen to anyone no matter your age, race, class, culture, disability, gender, sexuality or lifestyle.

About the Role

Sahara volunteers visit families in their own homes to offer friendship, practical advice and help to access services/community support to a family on an ongoing basis.

Time Commitment

Attend the initial course of preparation.

2-3 hours per week to support a family (at a time that works for you).

Access supervision every 6 weeks.

Attend on-going training sessions and an annual Safeguarding refresher session.

The average length of support is 6 months but we ask for a minimum 12 month commitment

What we need:

You should have a good understanding of how domestic abuse impacts families, relationships and the wider community.

You will be very carefully matched with a family who have been affected by domestic abuse and you will agree a time that suits you.

You will visit the family each week for a couple of hours.

How you help is really down to the family – some may need someone to talk to about their previous abusive relationship, others may need more practical help with getting out, meal planning and cooking, playing with the children or finding out about local services.

All we ask is that volunteers don’t look after the children without the parent being around, don’t do regular housework for the family and don’t take the family in their own car.

In a nutshell you will be:

  • offering support, friendship and practical help
  • visiting the families in their own homes, where the dignity and identity of each individual can be respected and protected
  • reassuring families that difficulties in bringing up children are not unusual and can be particularly difficult after escaping an abusive relationship
  • emphasising the positive aspects of family life and healthy relationships
  • encouraging families to widen their network of relationships and to use effectively the support and services available in the community

Do you need to have special experience or training?

Sahara welcomes volunteers of all ages and backgrounds particularly BAME women.

Volunteers do not need specific qualifications, but they do need the ability to:

• Listen with understanding

• Maintain confidentiality

• Be committed to the scheme and to the families they visit.

Please read this information sheet for more information

How To Apply

Either complete the application form or contact the office on 0161 721 4493 to request one.

We will then invite you to come and meet with us so that we can find out a little more about each other!

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